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Zohrab Mnatsakanyan Attended Photo Exhibition in Geneva Dedicated to Armenia’s Velvet Revolution

At the event Armenian foreign minister Zohrab Mnatsakanyan stated that the exhibition expresses the spirit of the two months of revolution where people were really assuming a responsibility for their fate, becoming a participant of an important process and creating that revolution. "In these pictures you will see women, children, elderly people, youth, you will see everyone. You will also see hope and determination in the eyes of these people and this was promoting the spirit of the revolution. We are proud of this revolution because this is the revolution of the people. This was a peaceful revolution, a revolution of love and solidarity aimed at strengthening democracy and human rights. I think the location of this exhibition is symbolic where we are making united efforts to strengthen human rights and work jointly to strengthen these rights at the international platform. Please, consider this our small contribution to the victory process of human life and dignity,” Mnatsakanyan said. 

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