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Armenian Speaker of Parliament Meets with President of the House of Representatives of Cyprus Demetris Syllouris

On July 4, the meeting of the President of the RA National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan being on an official visit in the Republic of Cyprus  and the President of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Syllouris was held in Nicosia.

During the meeting the NA President Ararat Mirzoyan, thanking for the invitation of the official visit, underlined the importance of mutual understanding and atmosphere of trust established between the Armenian and Cypriot peoples, centuries-old brotherly ties, historical, cultural commonalities and spiritual values.

The House of Representatives of Cyprus was the first in Europe in 1975, and the second in the world that recognized the Armenian Genocide, moreover, in 2015 unanimously adopted a resolution criminalizing the denial of the Armenian Genocide, and established April 24 as a state memorial day. With the same conviction on 24 March 2015 the RA National Assembly unanimously adopted a statement condemning the genocide perpetrated towards the Pontic Greeks and Assyrians by the Ottoman Empire.

The format of the Committees on Cooperation functioning in the two parliaments, as well as the cooperation in different Parliamentary Assemblies for reaching the favourable solution of the issues sensible for each other was especially highlighted. Both sides expressed readiness for creating a parliamentary platform of trilateral collaboration in the frameworks of Cyprus-Armenia-Greece cooperation format.

On behalf of the RA National Assembly Ararat Mirzoyan expressed his gratitude to the members of the House of Representatives of Cyprus for the ratification of the RA-EU Comprehensive and Enhanced Agreement on June 28 of this year.

Touching upon the issues of vital importance for the two countries the RA NA President Ararat Mirzoyan highlighted the position of principle of the brotherly Cyprus’ authorities in all significant issues relating to Armenia and the Armenian people.

With regards to Nagorno Karabakh problem, Ararat Mirzoyan has noted that the status and security of Nagorno Karabakh are top priorities, and the problem cannot be solved without decisive word of Nagorno Karabakh being the main party of the conflict. The peaceful solution of Nagorno Karabakh problem under the auspice of the organization with mandate, the OSCE Minsk Group by the international community, has been and will be the only format.

Regarding the Cyprus problem, the NA President has reaffirmed the support of the Armenian side to Cyprus. The parties condemned the encroachments of Turkey in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus, which damage the provision of the regional security and stability.

Welcoming the delegation led by the RA NA President Ararat Mirzoyan, the President of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus Demetris Syllouris has emphasized the Armenian-Cypriot historical and cultural centuries-old ties, which are considered to be a basis for reaching the cooperation of the current high level to further deepening and practical level.

Stressing the role of the Armenian community of Cyprus in the economic and public life of the country, both sides particularly referred to the destiny of Melkonian Educational Institute.

Demetris Syllouris noted that he would actively reflect on the formation of the inter-parliamentary platform of trilateral format.

Both sides talked about the works of the tourism development between the two countries, as well as the cooperation between the universities in the sphere of education.

The President of the House of Representatives reaffirmed the support of Cyprus in the issues of all principles to the Armenian side.

The heads of the two parliaments made statements for the press.

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