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Nikol Pashinyan, Anna Hakobyan Visit Singapore Botanic Gardens to Attend New Orchid Variety Naming Ceremony

Accompanied by his spouse Anna Hakobyan, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens on the margins of his official visit to Singapore. An orchid naming ceremony was held, at which a new variety of the national flower of Singapore was named after the Armenian Prime Minister and his spouse.

The participation of the Prime Minister and his spouse in this event had another meaning as well: Vanda Miss Joachim, the orchid, which is also known as Singaporean or Aloha Princess Orchid, was named after Singapore-based Armenian florist Agnes Joachim (Ashkhen Hovakimyan) who discovered the flower in Yeghegnut.

Pashinyan signed the Book of Honorary Guests, after which the Premier and Mrs. Anna Hakobyan toured the Gardens.

The Prime Minister of Armenia gave a live interview to Singapore’s News Asia TV Channel, at which he gave details of the talks with his Singaporean counterpart and the cooperation development opportunities between the two countries.

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