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Interdepartmental Committee on Development of Armenian National Security Strategy Created

By the decision of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the establishment of an interdepartmental committee on the development of national security strategy, the personal composition of the commission and the order of activities have been approved, reports.

According to the decision, for the purpose of developing a national security strategy, an interdepartmental commission coordinating the National Security Strategy Development Strategy is created under the direction of the Secretary of the Security Council, including members of the Government (except for the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Ministers), the Head of the National Security Service, the Head of the Police, and the Presidents of the Standing Committees on Defense and Security, Head of the Presidential Staff, Head of State Supervision Service​, CB chair, Chair of the National Academy of Sciences, representative of the National Security Council of Armenia.

The Security Council Secretary was instructed to submit a draft National Security Strategy within a year to the approval of the Security Council for the presentation of the Prime Minister’s staff.

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