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"This is the Reform that We Expect to Yield Concrete Results” - PM Holds Consultation on the Concept of Ministry of High-Tech Industry Activities

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held a consultation over the vision of the activities of the Ministry of High Technological Industry. To being with, the Prime Minister said the consultation was called to discuss future actions for the formation of the Ministry of High-Tech Industry.

“We have already formulated our tasks at different levels: our objective is to turn Armenia into a technological and industrial country. Of course, we attach great importance to the processing industry and the role of industry, in general, but we especially need to enhance the potential of high-tech and military industries in the country. This is the purpose of the organizational change, and it is the reform that we expect to yield concrete results. We also hope it will lead to serious changes in the field of education,” the Premier said.

According to Nikol Pashinyan, as we talk about the educational reform and, in general, that we should have an educated and intellectual society, our efforts will yield no result, if we fail to provide corresponding jobs, and the question is what a person should do after having relevant education and high qualification.

“It is clear that here we need to have a chain, all the links of which are important. We need personnel to develop industry and technology, but people must have the opportunity for self-realization, as well as for developing their talent and skills. And, of course, we consider all this in the concept of increased security of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

Minister Hakob Arshakyan presented the vision and priorities of the Ministry of High-Tech Industry. Views were exchanged on issues related to the development of the industrial sector.

Summing up the consultation, Prime Minister Pashinyan told the heads of the agencies concerned to continue making joint efforts in this direction.

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