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Pashinyan: Talented Generals Win Without War

Armenia is a peace-loving state, and the main guarantee of peace is our armed forces, our army. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Monday noted this at the Ministry of Defense, during his remarks at the graduation ceremony for this year’s graduates of the military education institutions of Armenia, reports.

“I want to stress what kind of peace we [Armenia] need,” he said, in particular. “The Chinese military strategy records [that] talented generals win without a war. I want to say that we need such peace. We need such armed forces, such a state, such a society that all potential adversaries realize that there is no sense in starting a fight with us, that its consequence is but one: the defeat of all our enemies and adversaries, the unconditional victory of the Republic of Armenia, its people and armed forces.

“All of us (...) are the devoted ‘soldiers’ of these victories. Each and every one of us (...) shall serve that mission. All of us (...) bear the ‘epaulettes’ our people, our forebears, our generations have put on our shoulders.”

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