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Our Strength Comes From our Ideas, Country’s Leaders and Country’s Rating: Security Council Secretary

We are ready to assume the functions of the inter-departmental task group for working out new strategy for Armenia’s national security, Secretary of the Security Council Armen Grigoryan told the reporters today''Aysor'' reports. 

The SC secretary stressed that huge work has been carried out to work out the document.

“Why we decided to work out new strategy. The reasons are various. The acting one was created 12 years ago, since then though a lot of changes have taken place in Armenia,” he said.

Armen Grigoryan said that developments over Artsakh continue to be Armenia’s chief challenge.

“We see necessity to expand the security concept, we are convinced that our strength comes from our ideas, leaders of the countries and country’s authority,” the SC secretary said.

He said it is undeniable that Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora security issues are interconnected.

The SC secretary also stressed that it is necessary for the document to be flexible.

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