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ARF-D offers referendum for the solution of Amulsar issue

The reason of recent public tensions over Amulsar are agreed with the contradicting statements of the present authorities, their unwise actions as well as absence of steps equivalent to the expectations formulated among people by the authorities,  the statement of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun says, Aysor reports.

The ARF-D says the national and state interest, public reconciliation, safe exploitation of natural resources, stable development of the country are the priorities, thus the party’s Supreme Body considers the fact that the expert conclusion does not inspire trust among people and specialists rather worrying.

“We urge the authorities not to view the published expert conclusion as final grounding for the exploitation of mine. Attaching significance to the issue and the serious impact it may have on the environment and the risks we consider it purposeful to reach convincing solutions through additional public and specialized discussions,” the statement says.

The party also urges to restore healthy dialogue with professional expert circles and reach acceptable decision stemming from state’s interests via referendum.


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