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Azerbaijan Lacks Any Weight in the CSTO: Deputy FM

Armenia’s deputy foreign affairs minister Shavarsh Kocharyan does not think Azerbaijan has a weighty influence in the Collective Security Treaty OrganizationAysor reports.

“In reality Azerbaijan does not have any weight in the CSTO. It just has an indirect influence via its member states,” the deputy minister said at the parliament today, to the remark of Arman Babajanyan that Azerbaijan has weighty influence in the CSTO.

Introducing the bill on ratification of the second declaration about the changes in the Charter of the CSTO adopted in 2002, October 7, Kocharyan said that the acting rule says that states may get status of observer in the CSTO but no further clarifications are given.

With the proposed amendments, the process is being clarified and demands for gaining status of an observer are presented. Besides, it also proposes CSTO partner status.

“The states or international organizations may get status of partner of CSTO only via consensus, with the consent of exclusively all member states of the organization. If at least one of the countries is against, the status is not being granted,” the deputy minister said, adding that there are certain requirements for getting the status.

“The partners, observers must share the ideas of the organization, not undertake steps which may harm the CSTO and its member states,” the deputy minister said.

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