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CSTO Will Always Welcome Cooperation with all the Former Republics of the USSR: Deputy Prime Minister of Russia

Фото: РИА Новости/ Алексей Никольский

CSTO will always welcome cooperation with all the former republics of the USSR, deputy prime minister of Russia Yuri Borisov stated today asked about possibility for Azerbaijan to get status of observer or partner of the CSTO, ''Aysor'' reports. 

"It does not relate to Azerbaijan only but all the former republics of the USSR. We were one family once, we have a lot in common. We are carrying out balanced and sensible policy with the CSTO member states and military technical cooperation with Azerbaijan," Russian official said.

He noted that the decisions in the CSTO are collective.

"If after discussions the CSTO makes decision about such necessity, it will be done in accordance with the charter of the organization, regulations and rules," Borisov said.

According to him, Russia is not interested in provoking conflict but will help its settlement.

"You know the role of Russia and our president in particular in this process," Borisov said

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