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I am optimistic about the future. I do believe in the wisdom of our people: Serzh Sargsyan

Armenia’s third president Serzh Sargsyan addressed a congratulatory message on the occasion of 28th anniversary of Armenia’s independence.

The message reads, in part:

"Dear Compatriots,

I cordially congratulate you on the 28th anniversary of Armenia’s independence.

Today many congratulations and wishes will be heard, festivities will be organized, and there will be no shortage of toasts on the occasion of the holiday.

However, on this most important for us holiday day, I would like to speak first of all about responsibility and liability, remembering and recalling the words of one of our worthy fellow countrymen - military, political, statesman and great scholar Garegin Nzhdeh:

“Independence, independent homeland implies a duty above all: those nations who ignore it lose their right to moral existence.”

Independence is not an abstract, but very subjective and tangible concept; it is our language as the epitome of our millennia-long existence and identity, our faith, our traditional family, our culture, the land enclosed within the sovereign state of our country, soaked with the blood and sweat of our freedom-loving brothers and sisters.

Therefore, it is our responsibility, especially today - in these turbulent times - to preserve and safeguard those sacred values from all kinds of encroachments, to be vigilant and develop, crystallize and enrich our national values and pass on to future generations at a time when a group of stateless persons who advocate deceptive morals and values are knocking the door.

We must face any such challenges as may threaten our spiritual, physical safety and prevent our national progress.

This is the duty and responsibility of our generation of independence to our Homeland and the nation.

I want to repeat what I said on the occasion of Independence Day a few years ago:

“Reality is the most brutal but fair enemy of misleading propaganda and political myths.”

We must look straight into the eyes of reality, make a distinction between destructive falsehood and the truth, realize that the efforts to depreciate the victory we had in the war for independence, question the bravery of our sons instead of praising and dignifying them, break down the fighting spirit of our victorious army, calling a failure the nearly thirty-year-long state-building achievements, drawing dividing lines in society is worse than the enemy firing.

I am optimistic about the future. I do believe in the wisdom of our people, I am confident that at this juncture of our history we will be sacredly committed to upholding and cherishing the independence we restored at the cost of numerous sacrifices and deprivations, rejecting all sorts of worthless and transient interests, remaining united and sober in the face of external challenges threatening our Homeland.

I once again congratulate all of us on Independence Day.

May God protect and save Armenia and the Armenian people!"

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