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Organizers of low-grade flash mob in Azerbaijan have no opportunity to get to Artsakh borders: David Babayan

The organizers of the low-grade flash mob in Azerbaijan have not the slightest opportunity to get to the borders of Artsakh, said Deputy Head of the Artsakh President’s Office, Head of the Main Information Department of the President’s Office, David Babayan, commenting to Armenian News - on photos of a flash mob in Azerbaijan spread over the network, whose members allegedly intended to go to Artsakh.

"Firstly, we need to check for sure whether these photos are fresh or old. Even if the staff is new, then this is not the first such case, but the fourth or even the sixth. Let's analyze what is happening. I would qualify these actions as another base "patriotic-political flash mob." Why? Firstly, in order to understand whether such a march is possible, one must have minimal ideas about the border. And our border with Azerbaijan is not just a border, but actually a front line. If these people really want to cross the border, they must first overcome several lines of defense of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, then cross the mined strip, which is wide enough. Azerbaijanis have a mined strip. That is, they will not even be able to approach our borders, because everyone will be blown up in this strip. And the Azerbaijani side is unlikely to use the equipment and clear the strip. After that, they must go one more lane from our side. That is, they will not even physically be able to get to our positions, not to mention crossing the border," he said. "Therefore, this kind of flash mobs is a cheap action, the organizers of which pursue various goals."

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