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Erdogan Says Ready to Resume Turkey’s Operation in Syria


Ahead of flying to Sochi, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to resume Operation Peace Spring in Syria unless Washington fulfilled its promise on withdrawing Kurdish militants from the People’s Protection Units in the northeast, TASS reports.

"Unless they [the US] keep their word, we will continue the operation with greater resolve. By now, some 700-800 terrorists have left the security zone and we expect that by 22.00 another 1,200 militants will leave these territories," Erdogan told reporters in Ankara on Tuesday.

The Turkish president also said he was upset by some statements by Iran on Ankara’s operation in Syria. However, Erdogan is sure that these statements were not linked to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. "Various statements are unfortunately coming from Iran. But they don’t come from Rouhani. Mr. Rouhani should better force them to keep silence," Erdogan stated.

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