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Ministry of Economy 2020 Budget Allocation Bid Discussed in Government

Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the Government continues discussing public agencies’ budget application requests. Today’s meeting reviewed the Ministry of Economy’s budget allocation bid for FY 2020.

The discussion focused on the reforms implemented in the areas under the Ministry’s jurisdiction, the planned structural changes, as well as the problems and priorities.

In particular, reference was made to those programs and activities aimed at ensuring economic growth, improving the investment environment, supporting investors, encouraging small and medium-sized businesses, developing international economic cooperation, boosting tourism through improved infrastructure, as well as to the proposed agricultural reform. Issues related to the activities of individual divisions and units in the system of the Ministry of Economy were discussed during the meeting.

Stressing the need for effective and coordinated efforts and enhanced spending efficiency in the above areas, Prime Minister Pashinyan issued a number of instructions.

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