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Lori is a Splendid Textbook for Learning About our Native Land, While Vanadzor is One of its Most Significant and Beautiful Pages. Armen Sarkissian

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian  sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of Vanadzor Day.

The message reads, in part:

"Dear residents of Vanadzor,

Guests of Vanadzor and admirers of Vanadzor,

I cordially congratulate you all on the occasion of Vanadzor Day.

Lori is a splendid textbook for learning about our native land, while Vanadzor is one of its most significant and beautiful pages. But its greatest treasure, salt of the earth are the people, with the deep simplicity and simple depth of the residents of Lori, amalgamated with the nature and in harmony with the nature. I know it firsthand because I have been in touch with Lori Dzor since my childhood, with the marvelous world of Gugarats, with the world pictured the Great Man of Lori, “close to God, to starts, to the Moon, to earthy bounty and mysteries.” My best memories are with me even today.

Dear people of Vanadzor,

Each of you in his or her own way is linked strongly to your city. A city which is the birthplace for one, native home for others, both of these for others, hospitable place for some, resort for others…The list goes on and one because Vanadzor has many assets.

Each of you are its unique extension, its reflection, its spirit, and wealth. Get enriched with Vanadzor and enrich Vanadzor with you, with ideas, notions, with dreams which may seem unreachable at the first sight but which because of you very soon can become visible and develop your native city and country.

I congratulate you all.

Happy Birthday, Vanadzor!"

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