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Iraqi Kurdistan not Considering Closing Border with Syria over Refugees: Envoy to US

© REUTERS / Vladimir Isachenkov

Iraqi Kurdistan is not presently considering at closing its border with Syria given the continuous flow of refugees, Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Representative to the United States Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman stated, Sputnik News reports. 

When asked whether there are any talks about closing the border with Syria, Rahman said, "Not at the moment".

Rahman noted that the KRG has never closed the border to refugees.

"Even when we were being flooded with refugees and displaced people, we kept the border open", she said.

Rahman said earlier that Iraqi Kurdistan received 16,700 Syrian refugees after Turkey’s military operation in northeast Syria, but refugees continue to arrive daily albeit at lower numbers.

"A month ago, we were receiving 1,000 people per day. Now the numbers are more like 200, 150 per day", Rahman said. "The numbers every day have slowed down. But as I said, we don't know how many will come in the end, because it depends on how much violence there is".

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