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Yerevan City Hall Begins Replacing Elevators in Apartment Buildings

Yerevan City Hall has commenced the replacement of the outdated elevators in the city’s apartment buildings. According to the City Hall, there are nearly 3500 elevators in Yerevan which are subject to replacement. Nearly 70% of the elevators are Soviet-made and have been operating for more than 40 years, whereas their lifecycle is 25 years.

"Back in 2018 we were discussing with the mayor how and from where we should begin the massive elevator project. It was one of the important points of the election campaign. From the very beginning it was clear that the project is very large and we are dealing with the majority of Yerevan’s population, their interests," said Deputy Mayor Hayk Sargsyan. He said they decided to launch the project by replacing 20 elevators in ten administrative districts. The 20 elevators will cost 190,000,000 drams. Sargsyan said the first 20 new elevators will be installed in buildings which have the worst elevator conditions.

By law governing the commonhold, the elevators belong to the owners of apartments under a common share property right. However, the issue’s social significance and the need to guarantee safety of citizens prompted City Hall to launch the project.

"The project is a big help for both the commonhold and the owners. The commonhold can’t do that with its own resources," said Shushan Kalantaryan, the manager of the Argishti commonhold.

The 20 first batch of elevators will be installed until 2020.

Until the project’s full initiation City Hall will replace another 100 elevators which are classified as unsafe.

The full implementation of the project is planned to be carried out under the City Hall-citizen cooperation format.


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