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High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Meets with Armenian Community in Odessa, Ukraine

Armenia’s High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs Zareh Sinanyan met with the Armenian community representatives during his visit to the Ukrainian city of Odessa, his Office told Armenpress.

The meeting was accompanied with the program dedicated to the 24th anniversaries of the foundations of the culture house and the St. Gregory the Illuminator Church.

In his remarks Zareh Sinanyan said this visit was not only an opportunity to get acquainted with the works of the community structures, but also to see this amazing Armenian youth, once again to be filled with trust that all Armenians, regardless of their location place, are really firm and strong.

“I personally understand quite well what it means to live in the Diaspora, continue living as an Armenian and not to be assimilated. I know that quite often the Armenian community of Ukraine felt out of attention, and I sincerely regret over it. I assure you that you will always be under our spotlight, your homeland is always ready to help you, and that assistance should be two-sided from now on”, he said, adding: “Homeland loves you very much, misses you, always needed you and also needs you today. Be aware that you are not alone”.

The meeting was also attended by Armenia’s Ambassador to Ukraine Tigran Seyranyan, Consul General to Odessa Gevorg Petrosyan, leaders of other structures, Armenian community representatives, etc.

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