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Unprecedented New Year and Christmas Celebrations Expected in Yerevan: Municipality of Yerevan

Those who are going to celebrate their New Year and Christmas holidays in Yerevan can enjoy an interesting program which is carried by the Municipality of Yerevan under the government support. The preparations have already started.

A working discussion related to the organization and holding of the events, the city decoration and a number of technical issues was called in the City Hall. The meeting was conducted by the Deputy Mayors Tigran Virabyan and Sergey Harutyunyan. The heads of related subdivisions of the Municipality, representatives of various departments took part in the meeting.

"This year sufficient means have been disbursed from the state budget for the organization of the New Year events. An interesting program is expected. Corresponding activities are being fulfilled now to provide timely organization. A significant touristic flows are expected this year", said Tigran Virabyan.

Taking into account that the main events are provided in Republic square, the issues related to the bridge leading to the New Year tree, pavilions of Christmas fair, the new design of the area of fountains and necessary communication lines were discussed. The will be some changes in the traffic during the process of installation of the bridge. Public will be notified about the changes in advance.

"The format of this year’s celebrations will be unprecedented. It’s really a challenge. The project is implemented by joint efforts of several departments. We have a lot to do with the private sector as well", stressed Sergey Harutyunyan.
On the festive days, the police, ambulance and other services will set duties in appropriate areas.


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