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Lebanon’s President Orders Week’s Delay in Talks to Pick Premier

РИА Новости / Михаил Алаеддин

Lebanon’s president ordered a weeklong postponement in talks to pick a new premier, just one day before lawmakers were set to name a businessman to head the next cabinet amid a deepening economic and financial crisis, Bloomberg reports.

Lebanese businessman Samir al-Khatib on Sunday withdrew his candidacy for prime minister a day before parliament was scheduled to discuss nominations, saying his Sunni Muslim sect wants former premier Saad al-Hariri to head the government. President Michel Aoun postponed the talks until Dec. 16.

Lebanon has been without a government since Hariri resigned late last month in the face of mass protests against Lebanon’s ruling elite, which demonstrators accuse of mismanaging and plundering the state to the brink of bankruptcy. 

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