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Scenario Seems to Be Imposed on Karabakh Implemented with Participation of Armenian Authorities: Robert Kocharyan

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Pashinyan’s slogan that Karabakh conflict resolution must be acceptable for all the conflicting parties is empty and does not say anything, Armenia’s second president Robert Kocharyan said in an interview with Hraparak reports.

He described it as "primitive resolution of a mediator."

"It is a direct proof of lack of any plan of actions. The last phase of negotiations in Bratislava and the developments over it demonstrated the absolute bankruptcy of negotiation strategy of our authorities (of course if such strategy exists). Artsakh must take the initiative in its hands and clearly define its position over the main principles of the conflict settlement. Only in this way it will be possible to avoid disastrous consequences," Kocharyan said.

He noted that Artsakh must base on Declaration of Independence and the Constitution not being afraid of dispute with the Armenian authorities.

"The absence of the successor declared by the authorities resulted in the radical fragmentation of the political field. Artsakh has never had such a number of presidential candidates representing different fragments of Karabakh elite. It is not a sign of democracy but demonstration of fragmentation which in its turn is a challenge to Karabakh’s security," he said, adding that the line of democracy must be agreed with security and not the opposite.

"The concretion of the NGOs funded from foreign forces in elections raises questions. Such organizations and pacifist religious sects must not be in Artsakh in general. What happens there is much more dangerous than the incidents on the line of contact as with it they eliminate the values thanks to which we have won. I would like to be mistaken, but it seems to me to be a scenario imposed on Karabakh and it seems that it is being done with the participation of the Armenia’s authorities," the second president said.

Kocharyan also considered inadmissible having obsequious president in Karabakh.

"It is inadmissible to have obsequious president in Karabakh ready to obey the caprices of the Armenia’s prime minister. Such qualities are peculiar to weak persons and such "leadership" will have disastrous consequences for Artsakh. Karabakh needs brave leaders hardened by war. I hope the choice of Karabakh people will be such," Kocharyan said.

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