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No One will fit Artsakh’s Self-Determination Right to Azerbaijan’s Taste and Perception: Karen Bekaryan

When we use "authorities" expression we must understand what we are dealing with – institutional element or classic element, political analyst Karen Bekaryan said at the discussion today. He said in this case we are not dealing with either of them but with a caprice of one person reports.

"The institutions are inactive, they do not function, the state governance system is declared by the PM counter-revolutionary," Bekaryan said.

Referring to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict issue, Bekaryan said that a number of red lines have already been crossed.

"The first red line – a terrifying blow to the right of Karabakh to self-determination, its perception and implementation process. They say such solution is necessary which must be acceptable for the people of Armenia, Artsakh and Azerbaijan. But the right is not in the field of taste. No one will fit the Artsakh right to self-determination to the taste and perception of Azerbaijan. When you state that Artsakh is Armenia and that’s it, you violate Artsakh’s self-determination right you should guarantee," Bekaryan said.

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