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Garegin Baghramyan: Gazprom Armenia Might Submit Bid to Raise Natural Gas Tariff

Gazprom Armenia might submit a bid to the Public Services Regulatory Commission to raise the natural gas tariff for consumers. This is what Chairman of the Public Services Regulatory Commission Garegin Baghramyan told newspaper.

He stated that even though the statement on no price increase concerns the price of natural gas sold on the border, this doesn’t mean that Gazprom Armenia can’t submit a bid to the Commission.

In late 2019, there was news that Gazprom Export LLC and Gazprom Armenia CJSC have signed an additional agreement on supply of Russian natural gas according to which the price of natural gas sold to Armenia won’t change and will stay at the same level in 2020.

When the price of natural gas sold on the border rose in 2019, Armenia’s government officials declared that the natural gas tariff wouldn’t go up for consumers, and it didn’t.

Today journalists asked Garegin Baghramyan if the government is still negotiating with Gazprom Armenia to make sure there is no increase in the natural gas tariff, and Baghramyan said the government is still negotiating. He added that there is still no bid, but there might be. He also couldn’t say how high the new natural gas tariff would be.


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