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Bako Sahakyan Convened a Working Consultation to Discuss Activities Aimed at Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus in the Republic

27 February President Bako Sahakyan convened a working consultation to discuss activities aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus in the republic.
Heads of healthcare sphere and other appropriate fields participating at the consultation delivered corresponding reports touching upon the activities being carried out and planned to be implemented to prevent the spread of the virus in the republic.
President Sahakyan noted the importance of making all the necessary arrangements and gave corresponding assignments to responsible officials of the concerned bodies.
The Head of the State also touched upon the launch of the election campaign of the Artsakh Republic President and National Assembly.
The President underlined that those elections were of vital national importance and just like all the previous elections, should be democratic, open and transparent, consistent with the letter and spirit of the law, held in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance. All government bodies, within their power, must ensure the proper conduct of the elections.
Artsakh Republic minister of state Grigory Martirosyan, Security Council Secretary Arshavir Gharamyan and other officials partook at the consultation.

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