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Armenians Need a Form to Leave Their houses as the Government Imposes Tough Restrictions on Public Movement

The Commandant’s Office of Armenia issued a new directive on Tuesday imposing stringent restrictions on people's movement to slow the spread of the coronavirus, '''' reports.

As Suren Krmoyan, advisor to Commandant Tigran Avinyan stated at a press conference, the new directive says people should leave their homes only if it is strictly necessary —to go to work, to get medical care, going to pharmacies and grocery shops or to exercise alone.

Anyone flouting the restrictions, in place until March 31, would be punished. The Police of Armenia has been tasked with overseeing the implementation of the directive.

Under the new measures, while leaving the house people should have an ID card with them and must fill out a document that justifies why they're outside.  “All citizens should fill in the movement form. The documents ask for the  person’s name, the reason for being outside, the destination and the estimated time they would be outside,” Krmoyan explained.

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