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Citizens who Lost their Jobs Due to the Coronavirus Should be the Primary Target of Social Assistance: Pashinyan

Chaired by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, the Government today continued discussing activities aimed at addressing the adverse impact of the coronavirus.

The meeting specifically focused on the steps, tools and mechanisms for mitigating the situation for individual social groups. The ideas voiced during the previous discussion were summarized, and a number of proposals and recommendations were made to expand the coverage an the scope of the Government’s social assistance package.

With reference to the issues raised during his telephone conversation with citizens today, the Prime Minister emphasized that citizens who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus should be the primary target of social assistance.

Nikol Pashinyan instructed those in charge to finalize the ideas generated during the previous consultations and submit a draft package of expanded social assistance measures for specific segments of society.

Discussed were issues related to priorities in implementing the economic and agricultural assistance programs approved by the Government at yesterday’s meeting.

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