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President Sarkisisan Sent a Letter to the President of PRC Xi Jinping

President Armen Sarkissian sent a letter to the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping. President Sarkissian congratulated the President of China on great progress in the fight againt the new coronavirus.

Noting that containment of the virus became possible because of the decisive steps of the Chinese government, as well as because of the people’s tenacious and unyielding dedication, President Sarkissian noted, “The pandemic of the new coronavirus has proved once again that international cooperation and solidarity in standing up against such challenges is the only efficient way because no region of the world has been immune to the spread of this virus.”

Stressing the importance of a consistent strengthening and deepening of the traditionally close cooperation with China, President Sarkissian took the opportunity to express his deep gratitude for the continued assistance provided to Armenia for the prevention and treatment of the new coronavirus.

The President said that China’s experience in the containment and efficient fight against the coronavirus is instructive for Armenia and, at the same time, suggested to consider the opportunity of China’s future assistance to Armenia in the form of devices, necessary equipment, and expert advice.

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