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I Definitely will Come Back with My Family to Armenia: Kourtney Kardashian

TV Star Kourtney Kardashian used her time while isolated at home for recalling her visit to Armenia together with Kim Kardashian and her children, Armenpress reports. 

''A big part of this trip was visiting the Etchmiadzin Cathedral, and getting our kids baptized there. It’s not only the first-ever church in Armenia, but is thought to be the first-ever cathedral in the world because Armenia was the first nation to adopt Christianity. It was such a powerful feeling being there. The story behind it is that St. Gregory The Illuminator received a message from God to build the first cathedral in that very spot, and so it’s remained ever since. It has such a solid framework that they’ve only recently begun restructuring it, which is so cool and crazy to me. Having the kids baptized there made us feel reverent and humble, and like the right way to help our kids honor their roots'', she wrote.

Noting that they had only 3 days to spend in Armenia, Kardashian said, ''But I watched my kids as we drove around the city, and I could tell that they were really taking things in and soaking it up, quietly listening to stories about our family. They also loved the story about how Noah’s Ark had supposedly landed on the huge mountain in Armenia, Ararat. I think that was exciting for them and made them feel proud to be connected to the country in some way’', she added.

''Even though we did a lot in a short time, I definitely will be coming back with my family to experience more of this country. We still have a lot more history to explore’', she concluded.

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