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Armenia's 3rd President: Time Comes and I'm Ready to Answer all the Questions

Sputnik Армения

Armenian third president Serzh Sargsyan said he is ready to answer all the questions, reports. 

Serzh Sargsyan will take part in the meeting of the National Assembly Inquiry Committee for Examining the Circumstances of the Military Activities of April 2016.

Before agreeing to attend this meeting, however, Sargsyan had posited several preconditions to this committee. The committee met the ex-president’s condition, and he will receive the video recording of his portion in this meeting.

''I applied to the commission to hold the session with my participation after the end of the state of emergency. However, the commission considered it expedient to hold the session on April 16,'' he said.

''I promise that after the end of the state of emergency, I will invite all the media outlets operating in Armenia and answer all the questions related to the April events,'' he added.

''To settle the situation, my office will issue a statement in a few minutes,'' Serzh Sargsyan emphasized and left.

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