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Armenia Defense Minister Visits Artsakh

Armenia’s Minister of Defense Davit Tonoyan visited Artsakh between May 1-2 as part of the military cooperation and combined action plan of the two countries.

Accompanied by Artsakh’s Defense Minister Jalal Harutyunyan, Tonoyan visited a number of active duty military bases in the northern and central directions, toured various barracks and rear units and met with the troops, the Artsakh Defense Ministry said in a news release, Armenpress reports.

The main discussion points focused on the improvement of the service and social-household conditions of the servicemen, as well as combat and morale readiness, effective application of arsenal and military equipment, modernization and logistical issues.

Tonoyan praised the current level of military cooperation between Armenia and Artsakh.

The priority directions of future actions as part of the cooperation were adjusted.


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