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Thousands of Citizens May be Infected but do not Know About it: PM on Necessity to Wear Masks

Thousands of citizens in Armenia are coronavirus-infected but they do not even know about it, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the cabinet sitting reports.

“One of the peculiarities of the disease is that in many cases it passes asymptotic, without any symptoms…this is why, speaking about masks, we say that yes, when there are 100 infected people the ill must wear masks not the healthy, but when we have thousands coronavirus infected and there are some who even do not know about it, everyone should wear masks,” he said.

The premier said that if there are 7,000 confirmed cases in Armenia, it means the real number of infected is 14,000.

“The 90% of them do not know about being infected and may infect the others,” Pashinyan said.

The head of the government stressed that people without masks must be fined.

“We consider our main tool to be the personal responsibility of the citizen. If the rules are not preserved, we will make wearing masks in all the places obligatory,” Pashinyan stressed.

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