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PM Instructs to be Consistent in Enforcing the Restrictions set by the Commandant’s Office and Control the Organization of Mass Events

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan remotely chaired a session of the commission coordinating the activities for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the Republic of Armenia.

Opening the meeting, the Prime Minister noted: “Dear colleagues, despite the preventive measures taken by the Government and the rules set by the State of Emergency Commandant’s Office (SECO), we can witness a daily increase in coronavirus cases in the country. I suggest discussing the situation with the COVID-19 epidemic, the effectiveness of those measures taken so far and our further action to prevent the spread of infection.”

Healthcare Minister Arsen Torosyan provided statistics of confirmed coronavirus cases, recovery and mortality rates, patients’ health status and the monitoring of asymptomatic cases. The Minister spoke about the dynamics of infection and the steps aimed at upgrading the healthcare system’s capacity. The Prime Minister was informed of those control measures taken to comply with the SECO-prescribed rules, the change in public behavior, and the use of protective measures

Reference was made to the effectiveness of the so called “raids” carried out in some administrative districts, other preventive measures implemented by inspection bodies and the police. The meeting touched upon the observance of the preventive rules applied in the most risky areas, including the sanctions imposed in case of violations. It was noted that despite the applicable restrictions, mass events are being held in the country, which can have a negative impact on the epidemiological situation.

A number of proposals and recommendations were voiced during the exchange of views that followed, featuring calls for tighter preventive action.

Summing up the discussion, the Prime Minister noted: “We are pushing ahead with the logic of tighter control over citizens’ compliance with the prescribed rules. Serious work must be done to increase discipline and prevent mass events.”

The Premier told those responsible to be consistent in enforcing the restrictions set by the Commandant’s Office, control the organization of mass events, and submit progress reports on a regular basis.

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