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Nikol Pashinyan Extends Birthday Greetings to PRC President Xi Jinping

RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan congratulated President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China on his birthday.

The congratulatory message reads, in part:

“Your Excellency,

Please accept my heartfelt wishes on the occasion of your birthday.

The cause of ensuring Chinese people’s wellbeing and the development of China has taken a steady course under your leadership. A brilliant example of this is the Chinese government’s successful effort against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Armenia is eager to deepen the ongoing good relations with China. The implementation of those agreements reached during my visit to China in May, 2019, and the exchanges we had following our meeting over new areas of cooperation gave new impetus to the furtherance and expansion of our bilateral relations

I am prepared to make joint efforts with you in order to promote the development of Armenian-Chinese cooperation to the benefit of our two countries and peoples.

I wish you robust health and ever new achievements, as well as happiness and wellbeing - to your family and relatives.”

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