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Third President Serzh Sargsyan Retaliates Against Ilham Aliyev’s Pretentious Drivels

Third President of the Republic of Armenia, Artsakh Hero Serzh Sargsyan responded to today’s statement made by President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev.
“When did we run into such an absurdity?” Ilham Aliyev, the successor to Azerbaijan’s dictatorial regime, who is praised by the one who seized power in our country two years ago to the point that he prefers to learn the background of the Nagorno-Karabakh peace process from Aliyev, today has cynically stated that the whole history of Armenia’s independence is a story of shame.
The President of Azerbaijan speaks the same language and describes the previous years of Armenia’s independence in the same way as Nikol Pashinyan in his infamous speeches delivered from the UN rostrum, at the PACE plenary session.
Dictator Aliyev teaches democracy lessons to Armenia, names the Armenian army, the officers and generals of our glorious army. He speaks of violence against journalists and other outrageous illegalities and corruption of the incumbent Armenian authorities. It is not surprising that Aliyev can afford such a thing, that Aliyev can hate the glorious Armenian army because of the shameful defeat of his country in the war; he can hate the second and third presidents of Armenia, our army generals. We expected that his country, obsessed with his own incompetent leadership, could do so after the drivel talks by Nikol Pashinyan, who called Armenia “a completely failed state.”
As for Ilham Aliyev, he knows very well that if he and Nikol Pashinyan are talking about corruption and embezzlement in Armenia, then the Panamanian documents and bank accounts associated with his name and his family members, the bribery of European deputies, and many other scandalous revelations are talked about and discussed by international investigative journalists and organizations, authoritative newspapers.
Aliyev has a long tongue because our incumbent rulers proved to be incompetent and anti-national, but he must remember that the latter are transient like his regime, while strong with its victorious army and many patriotic Armenian heroes, the Republic of Armenia stands ready to defy the arrogant aggressor.
And let him not forget that in the near future, when the patriotic and powerful forces will come back to power in Armenia, the international community will again force him to recognize the independence of the Artsakh Republic.”

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