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India Gets Ahead of Brazil Becoming Second Worldwide in COVID-19 Infections


The number of the coronavirus infections in India has grown over the past 24 hours by 90,802 which has become a record daily growth in the country during the entire pandemic. As India’s Health Ministry reported on Monday, the total number of infections has reached 4,204,613, TASS reports.

Thus, India in the number of the novel coronavirus infections has gotten ahead of Brazil (4,137,521 infections) becoming second worldwide, with the US in the first place (6,275,775 infections).

The record daily growth in the number of infections has been recorded in the country for two days in a row, the previous one of 90,632 infections was registered on Sunday. Meanwhile, India remains first worldwide in the numbers of daily infections since August 4.

According to the Health Ministry, the number of fatalities due to this infection has increased over 24 hours by 1,016 reaching 71,642. The number of fatalities in the country is the third highest worldwide behind the US and India. 882,542 patients are being treated in India with 3,250,429 recoveries. Over the past 24 hours, 69,564 patients were discharged. The highest number of infections was registered in Maharashatra (907,212), Andhra Pradesh (498,125), Tamil Nadu (463,480), Karnataka (398,551), and Uttar Pradesh (266,283).

The Health Ministry also noted that India is among the global leaders in the numbers of the coronavirus tests conducted. In all, about 49.5 mln of such tests have been conducted in the country, 720,362 of them in the past 24 hours.


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