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Catholicos Garegin II Cuts Short Italy Visit and Returns to Armenia Amid Azeri Attacks

Catholicos Garegin II of the Armenian Apostolic Church is cutting short his visit to Italy where he was scheduled to meet Pope Francis and is returning to Armenia amid the massive Azerbaijani attack on Artsakh.

"We call for unity of our people and to all political powers to set aside differences for the needs of our homeland’s defense," he said.

On early Sunday morning the Azerbaijani military launched a massive cross border artillery attack on Artsakh (Karabakh). The Azerbaijani bombardment also targeted civilian settlements, including Stepanakert city. 

Heavy battles are taking place at the entire length of the line of contact as Azerbaijani forces are attacking with helicopters, tanks and UAVs.

The Artsakh military said it shot down two attacking helicopters, three tanks and three UAVs.

Casualties are reported among the Artsakhi civilians.

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