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Armen Knyazyan is Awarded with the Highest title of the "Hero of Artsakh"

President of Artsakh Arayik Harutyunyan awarded Armen Knyazyan with the Hero of Artsakh highest title, the President said on Facebook.

"I have already had a chance to talk about Armen Knyazyan who has achieved tangible success in his business activity in Spain ( We met months ago, talked, made plans. And days before the war he was in the Homeland. Artsakh was waiting for his creative efforts and investments ...

Got acquainted with Armen during the April 2016 War. He told with a smile that he had received the news of the struggle on his wife's birthday, and instead of congratulating her, he bought a plane ticket, hurrying to defend his Homeland. Armen did the same this time too. Hours after returning from Artsakh, he was back again to defend his share of Homeland. Unfortunately, the relentless struggle of the heroic Armenian was interrupted by the conspiratorial bullet of the enemy ...

Armen, my dear friend, you have become a symbol by your struggle, by your sincere love towards the Motherland. You are the kind of Armenian who remained faithful to his roots until the end, was not cut off, did not dry up, and eventually perpetuated ...

The homeland knows how to appreciate the heroism of its brave children. Armen Knyazyan is awarded with the highest title of the "Hero of Artsakh".

Let your soul rest in peace, friend! I share the pain of loss with your family and friends".

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