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WHO Facilitates Deployment of UK Medical Team to Support Armenia Healthcare System’s Coronavirus Response

Five doctors and nurses have arrived in Armenia from the United Kingdom to support Armenian healthcare workers in managing severe COVID-19 patients.

The World Health Organization (WHO) representative in Armenia, Dr. Egor Zaitsev welcomed the UK emergency medical team (EMT) in the WHO Armenia Country Office thanking them for their commitment to provide professional assistance to the country during these dire times of pandemic response. The medical workers have responded to WHO call, and have been deployed to Armenia with the support of Armenia’s Ministry of Health and British Embassy, and WHO.

“The UK team has broad and relevant experience. They have been deployed to many countries during this pandemic and provided support to COVID-19 domestic response in the UK. I believe that this professional team can transfer their knowledge and skills to Armenian health workers to tailor the care they provide to Covid-19 patients”, - Dr. Zaitsev noted.

In the next month, the UK EMT will provide training, on the job-supervision to and work with national health staff in hospitals ensuring that health care is both technically sound and of high quality. The team will support the Ministry of Health to strengthen the capacity of health services to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The UK EMT is classified by WHO within the initiative aimed at establishing a global network of pre-qualified emergency medical teams capable of providing medical assistance during emergencies. WHO classification of the team means that it has been accredited as compliant with the international WHO standards of being capable of directly treating patients.

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