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Artsakh's Charektar and Aknaberd Villages to Remain Under Armenian Party's Control

The Charektar and Aknaberd villages of the Shahumyan region of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) will remain under the control of Armenian troops. This is what head of Charektar village Kamo Chakanyan told Armenian, adding that he had just returned from the village.

The residents of the villages found out about this decision at the last minute.

“The residents of Charektar have mainly taken their items and burned their homes, and nobody knows if they will return or if a military base will be deployed in the village,” the village head told Armenian

With a population of 48 families (a total of 270 residents), the Charektar village is located in the Shahumyan region, but used to be one of the villages of the Martakert region.

The Aknaberd village is 67 km away from the center of Karvachar region and 70 km away from the capital Stepanakert. The tributary of Trtu river flows to Sarsang Reservoir through the borderzone of the Aknaberd village.

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