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Let's Believe that 2021 Will Restore Our Lost Dignity

David Ghahramanyan

2020 was a thorny and difficult year. It was a year of loss and turmoil, a year of war and pain. It was also a year of rethinking and prayer.

The two Armenian states experienced together, perhaps, one of the most tragic moments in their history, their statehood. The authorities of Armenia and Artsakh turned out to be unworthy of Victory of the First Karabakh War. They could not protect, failed to defend, there was a lack of will, strength, intelligence and determination on their part.  But this does not relieve them of responsibility for what happened.

The answer to this can only be the better Armenian State, which will rise from the ruins and by its existence will give a worthy answer to all those who accidentally find themselves in power, to all enemies and subhumans.

2020 turned out to be an awful year in terms of the number of houses where the New Year's lights will not be lit. The lights went down in many Armenian houses.  The lights went down in Hadrut and Shushi, in the families of Armen and Mher, Andranik and Ashot ...

Unfortunately, we don't even know the exact number of those who will not celebrate this New Year. We do not even know how many of our boys will meet 2021 in captivity and in exile.  We have no idea how many of them are in hospitals.  How many of them are without hearths and homeland, without warm clothes and without heat at all.

This year is a year of reassessment of our Path and our reality. Perhaps history has taught us this lesson so that we can look deep into ourselves and appreciate our victories, understand our mistakes and beg forgiveness for them. Maybe God will forgive us. But we ourselves must also find ways for forgiveness, for salvation, for life...

They say the best answer to death is life. We will continue to live.  We will believe that 2021 will bring peace and faith, will bring back the lost dignity. It will be the beginning of purification and creation, will return light and warmth, and will make us believe the best.

May the coming year 2021 rectify everything that happened in 2020 and may it become the beginning of the construction of a truly New Armenia - together with Artsakh, with the Diaspora and with God!

In any case, we will believe in miracles and make a wish together that we will have a better country, will be worthy of the memory of the best. We will also believe that the best is yet to come.


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