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Pashinyan Chaired a Consultation Today to Discuss the Situation Related to the Change of the Border Environment of Syunik Province

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan chaired a consultation today to discuss the situation related to the change of the border environment of Syunik province and the actions taken in the direction of ensuring security.

"Dear colleagues, our today’s consultation is dedicated to the issues of the Syunik Province, and today we must discuss a rather broad range of issues. Due to the known events, Syunik’s border environment was subjected to significant changes, and today we must discuss the actions which are being implemented in Syunik for ensuring the security of the Republic of Armenia, we must discuss the work that has been done so far and how and in which directions we should continue these works. Certainly, socio-economic and communication issues are very important, environmental issues are also important, and we have a rather broad circle of issues to discuss.

I’ve had numerous occasions to say that I find Syunik to be our statehood’s backbone, and we must take all measures to ensure the security of the Republic of Armenia in Syunik, not only in Syunik, but in the territory of the entire republic, but in this regard Syunik has special significance. Firstly, we must discuss the types of social and economic programs that we should implement in the communities which have gained a new border status, basically having appeared in a status of a border town. And today we will make decisions, we will reach agreements and we will agree on the further course of implementation of these agreements," the PM told the officials in his opening remarks.

PM Pashinyan was then briefed on the process of ensuring the security of Syunik’s border communities and roads, the work on positioning border points, the process of compensating the potential property damages suffered by residents and the process of solving other issues.

The improvement of roads, communication infrastructures, solution of socio-economic problems and other directions of activities were discussed.

Pashinyan tasked government officials dealing with the process to continue working as part of the inter-departmental task force, which in turn will rapidly respond to the issues and give solutions.

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