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China, Russia Top NATO Agenda as US Seeks to Rebuild Transatlantic Bonds


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reaffirmed the United States' commitment to NATO as he sought to strengthen the transatlantic relationship in a two-day summit this week in Brussels, which wrapped up Wednesday, VoA reports.

"You have our unshakeable vow: America is fully committed to NATO," Blinken said in a speech at NATO headquarters in the Belgian capital. He promised a new relationship with European allies.

"Trust has been shaken to some degree over the past few years. So, let me be clear about what the United States can promise to our allies and partners. When our allies shoulder their fair share of the burden, they'll reasonably expect to have a fair say in making decisions," Blinken said.

He outlined the military threats facing the alliance, warning that NATO must evolve to defend democracy and the rules-based international system. 

"Our shared values of democracy and human rights are being challenged — not only from outside our countries, but from within. And new threats are outpacing our efforts to build the capabilities we need to defend against them," he said.  

"Beijing's military ambitions are growing by the year. Coupled with the realities of modern technology, the challenges that once seemed half a world away are no longer remote. We also see this in the new military capabilities and strategies Russia has developed to challenge our alliances and undermine the rules-based order that ensures our collective security," Blinken said.   

He added that NATO must evolve to counter emerging threats, including disinformation, cyberattacks, climate change and the coronavirus pandemic.


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