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EAEU Can Introduce New Requirements on Self-Extinguishing Cigarettes

New requirements to cigarettes stipulating that they must be self-extinguishing can be introduced in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), the press service of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies told TASS on Sunday.

"A draft resolution of the board of the Eurasian Economic Commission, setting forth requirements to consumer packaging and information placed on tobacco product packs, and the requirement to inflaming capability of cigarettes released for circulation on the market of Union member-states, was sent by the Russian Ministry of Healthcare to interested federal executive authorities," the press service said.

The Ministry of Emergencies noted it supports all the legislative initiatives aimed at mitigating risks to life and health of the population, including in terms of fire safety. Negligence during smoking is the cause of many fires, including with fatalities and huge material damage inflicted.

"Bringing cigarettes with lowered inflaming capability in circulation may significantly influence on prevention of a portion of fire outbreaks, lowering fatalities and injuries of people during fires due to negligent smoking, and saving property of citizens," the Ministry added.


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