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Armenia Ombudsman Says Government Should Publish All Provisions of Circulated Document

The Armenian government must publish the draft document on the demarcation of the Republic of Armenia which has partially been published on the Internet yesterday and confirmed at the cabinet sitting today, Armenia’s Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan wrote on reports.

“At least all the provisions of the document which give understanding of what it is really about should be published,” Tatoyan wrote.

He stressed that the demarcation with Azerbaijan directly concerns the vital rights of all of us, each person living in Armenia and the whole Armenian nation – their life and existence, national and personal dignity, being informed and many other rights.

“Border demarcation itself is a guarantee of human rights the wrong implementation of which can lead to new violations and tension,” Tatoyan wrote, stressing that the publication of the document stems from the interests of the state.

“In this way the state will prevent the outflow of information of such exclusive importance from unofficial sources and will not allow irreversible loss of public trust in state bodies,” Tatoyan wrote.

"Otherwise, the information vacuum created by the state will again be filled with information from unofficial sources, confusing even honest people, and some officials will again make irresponsible posts, often flooded with insulting words start, accusing people in imaginary "media terror", he wrote.


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