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Moscow Hopes Downturn in Ties with EU Can Be Reversed: Lavrov

Фото: Пресс-служба МИД РФ / ТАСС

It is necessary to learn from the negative trends that have emerged in the relations between Russia and the EU in recent years and to reverse them, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said during a conference focusing on Moscow-EU ties, TASS reports. 

"We want to believe that these trends can be reversed," he said. "But in order to do that, we need to break out of the vicious circle of mutual alienation, try to have a sense of vision, to listen and to hear, to have a substantive discussion guided by facts instead of repeating unsubstantiated propaganda handbooks year after year, to realize the shared responsibility for the future of the European continent, to revive the culture of dialogue on this basis, and to demonstrate joint political will for cooperation based on mutual interests."

Lavrov stressed that concerns developed regularly between the two sides, but they must be supported by concrete facts. He added that Moscow was open co constructive cooperation with Brussels on the principles of equality and mutual respect.

"It is on this basis that we successfully build relations with an overwhelming majority of countries around the world," Lavrov said. "As President Vladimir Putin has stressed, it is essential to take an honest attitude to the dialogue with each other, to get rid of phobias of the past and to look into the future."



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