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Proposal on Meghri Was Voiced by Aliyev but Never Officially Formulated: Kocharyan

Armenia’s second president Robert Kocharyan met with the residents of Yerevan Erebuni district.

Asked about the circulated thesis as if Kocharyan was planning to hand over Meghri, the second president said he received no official proposal from the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs about Meghri, reports. 

“During my presidency I received three proposals – the one about creation of a common state, the other was Key West process not signed by Heydar Aliyev at the last moment and the last one, the so-called Madrid Principles. No other official proposal was received. The proposal on exchange of Meghri was made by Aliyev. This is why currently I treat corridor word very carefully because their goal is wider than what may seem from the first sight. The proposal was made by Aliyev but it has not received official formulation because our response was – we can’t lose border with Iran. This was very understandable and convincing response, nevertheless he continued to advance the idea through mediators but it did not become a subject of discussion in the sidelines of the Minsk Group,” he said, adding that now an attempt is being made to tie the Meghri issue with October 27, saying that Vazgen Sargsyan and Karen Demirtchyan were strongly against it.

“This issue was never discussed at the Security Council session. If they were against, it seems, after them the proposal should have become a reality. But it just lost. There is no logic here,” Kocharyan said.


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