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You will Never Feel Deceived - Robert Kocharyan

Armenia's ex-president, the leader of "Armenia" pre-election bloc Robert Kocharyan has issued a message addressing the Armenian voters on the last day of the election campaign, reports.

"Dear people,

The election campaign is nearing its end. In the past month, I toured the whole country along with my team members. I have not been hosted by you for a long period - 13 years. I am thankful for the warm reception and hospitality. In the past days I shook hands with thousands of people, looked into their eyes.  I should admit that I was trying to understand whether you have changed for this period. I am happy to confess you have not changed and remained the same hardworking, talented, sincere people who are able to differentiate between what is good and bad," Kocharyan said in his message. 

In the words of the ex-president, June 20 is a fateful day. "We are to make a choice between a decent peace and the humiliated disgrace. We are to make a choice between a prosperous life and a desperate poverty. I am confident you will never feel deceived. We will reject the lie, the ignorance and the immoral. I call on you to come and rebuild our home, our Armenia and establish a lasting peace. Let us restore our dignity and heal our wounds. Honour our heroes and give tribute to their heroic deeds," said Kocharyan, adding: "Be assured. Everything will be good. Toward a strong Armenia!" Kocharyan concluded. 


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