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A Large HPP Will Be Built in Martakert Region

On August 2 issues on the problems of energy security in Artsakh were discussed at the Presidental Office.
Until the Turkish-Azerbaijani aggression in 2020, the Artsakh Republic was self-sufficient in terms of electricity, even was exporting a certain amount of electricity. "Most of our energy resources are left in the occupied territories of Artsakh and Artsakh has turned from an exporting country into an importer. Taking into account the situation on the ground, the restoration of Artsakh's economy and our vital activity largely depend on energy opportunities. Therefore, in order to restore energy self-sufficiency and stimulate economic development, we have decided to build a new large HPP", Arayik Harutyunyan stated.
"Getavan-1" HPP with a capacity of 17.6 MW will be built in the territory of Getavan, community of Martakert region. The $ 25 million project will be launched through the Artsakh Investment Fund, but other investors will also have the opportunity to join it.


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