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Prime Ministers of Artsakh and Armenia Got Acquainted with New Entertainment Places Near Mataghis (VIDEO)

In the regions of Askeran and Martuni of Artsakh Republic  the executive heads of the two Armenian republics got acquainted with the cultivation process of pomegranate orchards and cigarette fields being carried out through drip irrigation systems, official page of NKR government reports.

During the visit the RA Deputy Minister of Agriculture Gevorg Veranyan came up with a comprehensive presentation on advantages and disadvantages of drip irrigation system. The Artsakh Prime Minister Harutyunyan mentioned that taking into consideration the productivity of the project, the Artsakh Government encourages and supports all those businessmen who want to use this system in their gardens.

Then the prime ministers Harutyunyan and Karapetyan went to Martakert region, visited the communities of Mataghis and Talish. Being accompanied by the Secretary of the National Security Council of the Republic of Artsakh Vitaly Balasanyan as well as by the Head of Martakert Regional Administration Vladik Khachatryan, the prime ministers became acquainted with the construction works in Talish as well as discussed a number of community development projects .

"Talish restoration program is always in the center of our attention. Last April, as a consequence of Azerbaijan's military operations, the villagers had to leave their houses. Today it is our duty to provide both sufficient security and social-economic favorable conditions so that in the future Talish residents will no longer have to leave their native place,”- Harutyunyan said .

Harutyunyan and Karapetyan visited the newly-opened recreation zone in Mataghis where they got acquainted with the leisure and entertainment places created near Mataghis reservoir by means of a foreign investment.

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