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Great Britain's Independence Price


When leaving the European Union, Britain has to pay at least €60 billion. This was stated by the President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani in an interview with the media. He added that if Britain refuses to pay that amount, it should be paid by the citizens of other EU member states.

A few days ago the EU Coordinator said at a press conference that the sides are far from reaching a compromise, and at the same time, he emphasized that the EU does not demand any concessions from the UK, and they, in their turn, are not going to make concessions.

According to him, the EU will go to the second round of negotiations only if the UK fulfills its three points of commitment. First of all, Brussels is concerned about the rights of British citizens after the Brexit. The second major problem is London’s financial commitments that make about $60 billion. Finally, the EU tries to prevent the emergence of a border between Ireland and the Kingdom of Northern Ireland. These are the three main points that the EU requires from the UK in order to get into the negotiation process of the second phase. Britain has time to implement these three points until December.

It is noteworthy that Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May could be dismissed from her post because of the disagreements that emerged between her and the MPs on leaving the EU. 40 MPs from the Conservative Party have expressed no confidence to May. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbin demands the prime minister to control properly the negotiation process or resign.

Before the signing of an agreement the British Parliament will have the opportunity to study and vote for Brexit's final deal. Secretary of State for Brexit, David Davis has stated this on November 13. He also stressed that there is no option to cancel Brexit.

However, there is a need for the UK and the European Union to find a way to compromise. By examining the seemingly unsolvable situation, one can conclude that Britain can remain in the European common market, but make changes in migration rules.

The Brexit process is expected to be completed by March 29, 2019, which will be possible only if the EU and the UK succeed in reaching an agreement, including in financial matters, till the end of 2017.

It should be reminded that in June 2016, 52% of British people voted in favor of Brexit during the referendum.

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